Project Team

Daring to Lead is a joint project of CompassPoint and the Meyer Foundation.

About CompassPoint Nonprofit Services

CompassPoint logo imageCompassPoint intensifies the impact of fellow nonprofit leaders, organizations, and networks as we achieve social equity together. We believe that nonprofit organizations and leaders need relevant support that builds on their strengths, experiences, and achievements and that those individuals and organizations that invest in increasing their leadership and management capacities are better poised to achieve progress.

For over 35 years, CompassPoint has worked to carry out this purpose by guiding nonprofits as they become better managed, more adaptive, and achieve higher impact. With our 24 staff working in San Francisco, the East Bay, Silicon Valley, and beyond, we strengthen today’s leaders, and are helping to grow a healthy pipeline of diverse leaders for the future. We influence the dialogue about policies, emerging practices, and the resources needed for nonprofits to create change. And we convene partners, link fields, and strengthen networks that accomplish more by working together.


About the Meyer Foundation

Meyer Foundation logoThe Meyer Foundation identifies and invests in visionary leaders and effective community-based nonprofit organizations that are working to create lasting improvements in the lives of low-income people in the Washington, DC metropolitan region, and works to strengthen the region’s nonprofit sector as a vital and respected partner in meeting community needs. The Foundation makes grants to organizations working in the areas of education, healthy communities, economic security, and a strong nonprofit sector.  Meyer’s nonprofit capacity building programs, which were established in 1994, have received national recognition. In 2006, as a response to the previous Daring to Lead study, the Foundation established the annual Exponent Awards to recognize outstanding nonprofit executives. For more information, visit



Daring to Lead 2011 was co-authored by:

Marla Cornelius, Senior Project Director at CompassPoint Nonprofit Services
Rick Moyers, Vice President for Programs and Communications at the Meyer Foundation
Jeanne Bell, CEO at CompassPoint Nonprofit Services


Research Team

The authors would like to thank the Daring to Lead 2011 team for bringing their deep knowledge and enthusiasm about nonprofit leadership to this work.  Their guidance and feedback during every stage of the project design, data analysis and report review was critical to the success of this project.

Timothy Wolfred, Executive Transitions Senior Project Director, CompassPoint
Michelle Gislason, Senior Project Director, CompassPoint
Marissa Tirona, Senior Project Director, CompassPoint
Leslie Brown, Associate Project Director, CompassPoint
Maegan Scott, Program and Communications Associate, Meyer Foundation
Nelson Layag, Project Director, CompassPoint