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Thumbnail of Brief 1, Daring to Lead 2011

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Jul 13, 2011 by


Leading through a Recession, the first Daring to Lead brief, explores the main report’s recession impact findings in greater depth. Get a downloadable PDF of Brief 1 either by clicking the button below or using the free alternate download via

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'Post-Honeymoon' Challenges for Early-tenure Executives, Daring to Lead 2011

Executive Wellbeing

Jun 13, 2011 by


These are the key findings from Daring to Lead 2011 related to executive director wellbeing: job satisfaction and effectiveness, work-life balance, burnout, and isolation. For more information download the full report in PDF. And also see, Inside the Executive Director Job: Daring to Lead Brief 2. Job Satisfaction — Executives reported very high levels of job satisfaction: 91% [...]

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