Media mentions of Daring to Lead 2011


March 12, 2012
Driving Change Survey—Headline Findings
Selected findings from A National Study of Canadian Nonprofit Executive Leaders


January 22, 2012
The Chronicle of Philanthropy
For Executive Directors and Boards, Chairmen Matter


December 6, 2011
Desert News
Economic downturn challenges nation’s, Utah’s nonprofits


October 6, 2011
Leadership training caters to nonprofits

Moving the Needle
Change at the Top – Risks and Opportunities: What Does the Research Say?

Rosetta Thurman
How Much Do Nonprofit Executive Directors Really Get Paid? 


August 23, 2011
Against the Grain, Rick Moyers
Executive Directors Should Invest More Time on Their Boards


August 22, 2011
Core Strategies for Nonprofits
An Open Question to Board Chairs: Do You Dare to Lead?


August 17, 2011
The Hourglass Blog

Community Resource Exchange
Succession Planning and Performance Evaluations: Two Sides of the Same Coin, Jean Lobell


August 11, 2011
Community Resource Exchange
What’s an ED to Do?, Valyrie Laedlein, CRE Co-Director


August 9, 2011
Mitchell Kapor Foundation
CompassPoint and Meyer Foundation Release Reports on Nonprofit Leadership

Leadership Learning Community
Follow Up on Daring to Lead 2011: Leadership Development & Support for Nonprofit Leaders Webinar

eJewish Philanthropy
New Reports Focus on Nonprofit Executive Leadership


August 8, 2011
Community Resource Exchange
What Works in Leadership Development, Mohan Sikka


August 1, 2011
New York Times
Philanthropists Start Requiring Management Courses to Keep Nonprofits Productive


July 28, 2011
Community, Resource Exchange, Mohan Sikka
What Works in Leadership Development

Community, Resource Exchange, Jean Lobell
Three Key Issues In Succession Planning

Community, Resource Exchange, Valyrie Laedlein, CRE Co-Director
One Size Does Not Fit All Boards

Community, Resource Exchange, Holly Delany Cole, CRE Co-Director
A Bone To Pick About Government Contracting

Community, Resource Exchange, Jean Lobell
Daring To Lead: A National Study on Executive Leadership


July 21, 2011
National Council of Nonprofits
Nonprofit Knowledge Matters | Partnering with Government: Do You Dare?


July 19, 2011
Stanford Social Innovation Review
Turning Nonprofit Executive On-Boarding on Its Head

July 13, 2011
ASU Lodestar Center Blog
Research Friday: Leadership Development & Performance Management – Reflections from Daring to Lead 2011

Foundation Center

Washington Grantmakers Daily

Turnover Time for Leaders of Nonprofits


July 12, 2011
HANO: Hawai’i Alliance of Nonprofit Organizations
New study profiles executive directors in trying times


July 11, 2011
Capital Development Strategies: Nonprofit Chat
CompassPoint and Meyer release Daring to Lead 2011

Community Resource Exchange
Daring to Lead: A National Study on Executive Leadership

Foundation Center – Atlanta blog
Answering the Calls to Action from Daring to Lead 2011 (Part 2)

July 9, 2011
Nonprofit Quarterly
How Can Boards Better Measure Up to High Expectations?

The Center for Effective Philanthropy
Does ‘Daring to Lead’ Draw the Right Conclusions from the Data? 


July 8, 2011
Foundation Center – Atlanta Blog
Insights from Daring to Lead (Part 1)


July 6, 2011
Is ‘doing good’ facing a Boomer bust?


July 1, 2011
Social Edge
It’s the ED, stupid!

Transition Guides
Daring to Lead Actions


June 30, 2011
Chronicle of Philanthropy
Do We Expect Too Much From Boards?

Capital Development Strategies
CompassPoint and Meyer release Daring to Lead 2011

Foundation Center
Philanthropy News Digest

The NonProfit Times
Study: Nonprofit Managers Eyeing The Door

The Donor’s Forum
Blog: it’s all about succession planning

e-Jewish Philanthropy
New Study Highlights Challenges Facing Nonprofit CEOs


June 28, 2011
Pro Bono Australia
Most Nonprofit Executives Plan to Leave within Five Years
Two-Thirds of Nonprofit Execs to Leave Jobs in 5 Years

BoardSource Transformative Governance blog
Taking the Lead


June 27, 2011
The Chronicle of Philanthropy
Nonprofit Leadership Still Shaky, Study Finds

Meyer Foundation eNews